Fountains, the City of Zagreb, Street Hrvatske bratske zajednice

This project was contracted and started in 2016, as a partner and sub-contractor of the main contractor, renowned company Vodotehnika d.d. We were recommended to do this project and very soon we got invitation from investor City of Zagreb to cooperate with engineers from Vodotehnika and to offer them a video surveillance solution that we are very proud of today.

This project was very challenging and demanding, because there were numbers of factor that had to be met- from limited budget to extremely large open space area. All this should have been discreetly and aesthetically adapted to the ambience in order to preserve a relaxed atmosphere for the citizens while at the same time providing adequate security.

Today we can proudly say that we successfully managed to fit into our knowledge, our experience and equipment that we got from Hikvision company. All of that was a prove that even on projects big like this you can also do a quality work with an equipment brand that is not so known and popular but can be very competitive on the market.