Ekopark Kraš is located near village Bratina, municipality of Pisarovina, about 15 kilometers distance from Zagreb. The 7.5 million euros worth investment is the first major Kraš project called Ekopark, outside the basic domain of the production of sweets. It is known for apartments, bungalows, two lakes, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, sports fields, farms and a multitude of areas planted with various agricultural crops. All this is located on the area of more than 400 hectares, which was a major challenge for us- in terms of technical solutions when in 2013, the management of Kraš invited us to design and offer a video surveillance system. In cooperation with company Markoja and our main designer mr. Petrac, we first designed quality project idea according to which the production of optical infrastructure for video surveillance has begun and that was the main precondition for installing the cameras at all. Thanks to less known brand of cameras from Taiwan manufacturer that we represent from 2015 year, at that time we could offer 5 Mpix cameras at a very good price, considering that most of more famous brands at that time did not have cameras with that high resolution. Since then, and for 6 years now, the system with regular maintenance works without any mistakes and it has proven many times and resolved controversial situations, which is why it has already paid off.