Ekopark Kraš is located near village Bratina, municipality of Pisarovina, about 15 kilometers distance from Zagreb. The 7.5 million euros worth investment is the first major Kraš project called Ekopark, outside the basic domain of the production of sweets. It is known for apartments, bungalows, two lakes, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, sports fields, farms and a multitude of areas planted with various agricultural crops. All this is located on the area of more than 400 hectares, which was a major challenge for us- in terms of technical solutions when in 2013, the management of Kraš invited us to design and offer a video surveillance system. In cooperation with company Markoja and our main designer mr. Petrac, we first designed quality project idea according to which the production of optical infrastructure for video surveillance has begun and that was the main precondition for installing the cameras at all. Thanks to less known brand of cameras from Taiwan manufacturer that we represent from 2015 year, at that time we could offer 5 Mpix cameras at a very good price, considering that most of more famous brands at that time did not have cameras with that high resolution. Since then, and for 6 years now, the system with regular maintenance works without any mistakes and it has proven many times and resolved controversial situations, which is why it has already paid off.

Fountains, the City of Zagreb, Street Hrvatske bratske zajednice

This project was contracted and started in 2016, as a partner and sub-contractor of the main contractor, renowned company Vodotehnika d.d. We were recommended to do this project and very soon we got invitation from investor City of Zagreb to cooperate with engineers from Vodotehnika and to offer them a video surveillance solution that we are very proud of today.

This project was very challenging and demanding, because there were numbers of factor that had to be met- from limited budget to extremely large open space area. All this should have been discreetly and aesthetically adapted to the ambience in order to preserve a relaxed atmosphere for the citizens while at the same time providing adequate security.

Today we can proudly say that we successfully managed to fit into our knowledge, our experience and equipment that we got from Hikvision company. All of that was a prove that even on projects big like this you can also do a quality work with an equipment brand that is not so known and popular but can be very competitive on the market.

Coworking Zadar – COIN

This was one of the interesting projects from 2015 year, that we have gotten to work on after a public contest issued by the City of Zadar. it is about the project that was initiated by young team of enthusiastic experts employed in City of Zadar. They have recognized potentials of co-working with European Union funds in financing quality designed projects, where they have turned a deranged and neglected facility into a space where many young entrepreneurs have all the necessary infrastructure and modern office facilities.

The project is co-financed by around 85% of the funds from the European Union funds, and the rest from the financial resources of the City of Zadar, which in practice meant the strict supervision of the auditor directly placed by the European Union. One of the main requirements was that equipment has to own certificates of origin from countries members of European Union that is nowadays, with massive production in China, almost impossible to find. Even some of the biggest west European manufacturers have moved their production to China, so today is very hard to find for example a camera that was produced in European Union. Luckily, in 2011 we became certified installers for Scottish manufacturer Indigovision and by that we managed to meet the main requirement and we successfully realized our task.

Castle from 18th century

Here we have a project for a private owner who has given us a full confidence on what we are exceptionally proud of. To get to work on this kind of object- that is also a protected monument of culture and everything about it, both exterior and interior, is exceptional and unique- is not the kind of work you get to do every day.
Getting this job ready was very demanding and first of all it was necessary to figure out a comprehensive technical solution that would reconcile many important factors such as aesthetics, security, non-invasive installing methods, etc. The satisfaction with the work was mutual. We can say that it was a “win-win” situation and most importantly everyone was happy about it.